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What I Do
I practice outpatient psychiatry of adolescent and adult patients, from age 14 and up.  If you are my patient, I will do a careful diagnostic assessment of all the conditions that bother you and give you the results of this assessment and my recommendations for treatment.  As a psychopharmacologist, I specialize in the treatment of psychatric disorders with medication.  Most of my patients will require some form of psychotherapy ("talk therapy")as well, which I will do myself if I feel that I can provide you with what you need, and otherwise, I will try to direct you to another skilled psychotherapist.  I am board-certified in psychiatry, and I am also fully trained and board-certified in neurology.  I specialize in the care of disorders that involve psychological distress or behavioral disturbances, which are associated with some form of disorder of the brain, such a head trauma or Parkinson's disease.  I am particularly interested in the diagnosis and care of adolescents and adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. 
What I Offer
I practice a personal kind of psychiatry that seems to be disappearing in the era of highly managed psychiatric care and the fifteen minute medication visit.  Even if I am only managing medication for a patient who is seeing another therapist, I do not schedule fifteen minute visits.  My follow-up visits are all 25 minutes, and I remain interested in each patient as an individual human being who I am helping to get better and move ahead in his or her life.  I feel I have to remain in touch with what is going on in the lives of my patients, rather than merely tallying up symptoms and writing prescriptions. 
In addition, I offer a high level of expertise in the medical treatment of psychiatric disorders, gained in my first job as an inpatient psychiatrist at McLean Hospital, and maintained through my many years as chairman of the psychopharmacology committee for Harvard Vanguard Health Associates.  I practice psychopharmacology (the use of medication) in a careful and systematic way which is crucial for successful treatment.  I also am knowledgeable about general medical issues and alert to medical problems either masquerading as psychiatric problems or complicating psychiatric problems.  I like collaborating with a primary care clinician when I feel that attending to medical issues is necessary to bring about improvement of a patient's psychological health.